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Microsoft Publisher 2007 in pdf

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application which allows you to create artistic documents such as brochures, flyers, and newsletters. Many of the commands and toolbars in Publisher are similar to other Microsoft Office applications, so new users will find text editing familiar. However, Publisher is much more flexible, in that text, graphics and even tables are all independent elements. It is the precise maneuvering and positioning of these elements that enable complicated layouts to be achieved in a professional manner.

In this tutorial, learn how to:

  • Adjust margins
  • Resize, move, align, nudge, and delete objects
  • Insert and work with graphics in your publication
  • Wrap text around an object or graphic
  • Use ruler guides
  • Set up and work with columns
  • Create and link text boxes
  • Resize and position objects with precision
  • Add borders and color
  • Begin from scratch or work from a pre-designed template
  • Change color, font, and design schemes

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