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PowerPoint is a very versatile tool in the Microsoft Office family. PowerPoint was first introduced for the Macintosh computer in 1987. Since its first release, the simplicity of this program has saved time for those used to using older methods of visual aids such as hand-drawn transparencies and mechanical slide machines. The ease of use has encouraged those not accustomed to using visual aids to make presentations in a slide show format. In recent years, new presentation tools have also been emerging. One new type of presentation tool is called Prezi, which is similar to PowerPoint but focuses on concepts and metaphors to present information. With both PowerPoint and Prezi being widely used today, it is beneficial that we learn the basics of creating dynamic presentations in both of these programs. 


  • 1.  Navigate the interface
  • 2.  Create a presentation from scratch
  • 3.  Insert and modify text, pictures, tables, charts, diagrams and video
  • 4.  Use Presentation Views and Master Views
  • 5.  Add Transitions and Animations
  • 6.  Understand PowerPoint etiquette
  • 7.  Activity

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