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For someone new (and even not so new) to Linux® , there are hundreds of questions, problems and concerns that arise during the learning process, especially for someone coming from the world of Microsoft® Windows® . Other Linux white papers deal with individual topics, often in lengthy fashion. This paper addresses a number of miscellaneous questions, both frequently- and rarely-asked, grouped by topic. The focus will be on helping Windows users make the transition to Linux, but those converting from other operating systems should find useful information here as well.

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This course is intended for a strictly personal use, the file is of format pdf level Beginner , the size of this file is 259.56 KB.

The site also offers courses in redhat, debian, mindriva, ubuntu, centOS and many other tutorials. You have to come and see our Unix-Linux OS. You will find your happiness without problem!

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Linux Fundamentals

Download course Linux Fundamentals, This tutorial is aimed at novice Linux system administrators, free PDF book on 365 pages. - type of file pdf and size 2.68 MB, tutorial for level Beginner .

Introduction to Linux

Download free Introduction to Linux A Hands on Guide course material and training, writing by Machtelt Garrels, PDF file on 215 pages. - type of file pdf and size 1.05 MB, tutorial for level Advanced .

Kali Linux

This book is a complete unofficial documentation of all the tools in Kali Linux. The author(s) are not held liable for any mistakes done by the readers. free PDF. - type of file pdf and size 496.8 KB, tutorial for level Beginner .

Linux Basics

Download free linux/Unix basics course material and training, PDF file on 35 pages. - type of file pdf and size 268.53 KB, tutorial for level Advanced .

Linux Networking

This book is meant to be used in an instructor-led training. For self-study, the intent is to read this book next to a working Linux computer so you can immediately do every subject, practicing each command. - type of file pdf and size 2.28 MB, tutorial for level Intermediate .

Linux Desktops Documentation

Download ebook Linux Desktops Documentation, free PDF course tutorial by University of Southampton. - type of file pdf and size 405.79 KB, tutorial for level Intermediate .

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