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Ada Programming in pdf


  • Basic Ada, Installing, Building, Control Statements
  • Type System, Integer types, Unsigned integer types
  • Enumerations, Floating point types, Fixed point types
  • Arrays, Records, Access types, Limited types
  • Strings, Subprograms, Packages, Input Output
  • Exceptions, Generics, Tasking, Object Orientation
  • New in Ada 2005, Containers, Interfacing
  • Coding Standards, Tips, Common Errors
  • Algorithms, Function overloading
  • Mathematical calculations, Statements, Variables
  • Lexical elements, Keywords, Delimiters
  • Operators, Attributes, Pragmas
  • Libraries: Standard, Libraries: Ada
  • Libraries: Interfaces, Libraries: System
  • Libraries: GNAT, Libraries: Multi-Purpose
  • Libraries: Container, Libraries: GUI
  • Libraries: Distributed Systems
  • Libraries: Databases, Libraries: Web
  • Libraries: Input Output, Platform Support
  • Platform: Linux, Platform: Windows
  • Platform: Virtual Machines
  • Tutorials, Web 2.0, Contributors


Course, tutorial Summary Ada Programming

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