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Welcome friends to the exciting journey of Microsoft .NET. If you are looking for information about what .NET is all about, what it can do for you or how it can help you and your customers, you have come to the right place. This section is intended to tell you about these and many more things. After covering this section you will be ready to delve into details of .NET.

The section is divided into following sub-sections:
1) Tracing the .NET History
2) Flavors of .NET
3) Features of .NET
4) Installing .NET Framework SDK

The first sub-section will introduce you with how .NET evolved and the path of .NET since its Beta releases.

The second sub-section will introduce you with various flavors of...NET and their respective SDKs. It also gives overview of Visual Studio.NET – an excellent IDE for developing .NET applications.

It is necessary to understand the features of .NET that make it robust, programmer friendly, powerful and flexible. The third sub-section is intended just for that. It gives overview of technical features that make .NET shine over traditional programming environments.

The final sub-section tells you how to install .NET framework SDK, what are the system requirements and related topics.

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