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Visual Basic and .NET Gadgeteer in pdf

Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer is a really easy-to-use platform for creating new electronic devices using a wide variety of hardware modules and a powerful programming environment. Students with little or no electronics background can design and build devices that sense and react to their environments using components such as switches, displays, buzzers, motor controllers and more. Using cables these various modules are plugged into a mainboard which is programmed to make everything work together.


  • Introduction
  • Getting started with .NET Gadgeteer
  • Playing tunes
  • Clicker
  • Stop watch
  • Traffic lights
  • Counting in binary
  • Burglar alarm
  • Morse code
  • Drawing
  • Reaction game
  • Build your own module
  • Where to buy .NET Gadgeteer
  • Installing the “FEZ Cerberus Tinker Kit”


Course, tutorial Summary Visual Basic and .NET Gadgeteer

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