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Tangelo Web Framework Documentation in pdf

Tangelo paves the way for you to use HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies such as jQuery, D3, Bootstrap, WebGL, Canvas, and Vega to create rich web applications - from traditional, static pages, to cutting-edge, visual, dynamic displays.


  • 1 Getting Started
    • 1.1 Quick Start
    • 1.2 Hello World
    • 1.3 Diving Deeper
  • 2 Using Tangelo 
    • 2.1 Installation
    • 2.2 Setup and Administration
    • 2.3 Basic Usage
    • 2.4 Tangelo Web Services
    • 2.5 Tangelo Plugins 
  • 3 Tutorials
    • 3.1 Building a Tangelo Web Application from Scratch 
    • 3.2 Driving a Visualization with SQLAlchemy 
    • 3.3 Fiddling with the Bundled Examples
  • 4 Command Line Utilities 
    • 4.1 tangelo
    • 4.2 tangelo-passwd
  • 5 The Tangelo API
    • 5.1 Python Web Service API
    • 5.2 Tangelo JavaScript Library
    • 5.3 Bundled Plugins
  • 6 Information for Developers
    • 6.1 Coding Style Guidelines
    • 6.2 Creating Tangelo Releases
    • 6.3 Developing Visualizations

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