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Phalcon PHP Framework Documentation in pdf

Table of Contents

  • Installation
  • Tutorial 1: Let’s learn by example
  • Tutorial 2: Introducing INVO
  • Tutorial 3: Securing INVO
  • Tutorial 4: Using CRUDs
  • Tutorial 5: Customizing INVO
  • Tutorial 6: Vökuró
  • Tutorial 7: Creating a Simple REST API
  • List of examples 
  • Dependency Injection/Service Location
  • The MVC Architecture, Using Controllers
  • Working with Models, Models Meta-Data, Model Transactions 
  • Phalcon Query Language (PHQL), Caching in the ORM
  • ODM (Object-Document Mapper), Using Views
  • View Helpers, Assets Management 
  • Volt: Template Engine, MVC Applications
  • Routing, Dispatching Controllers 
  • Micro Applications, Working with Namespaces
  • Events Manager, Request Environment
  • Returning Responses , Cookies Management
  • Generating URLs and Paths, Flashing Messages
  • Storing data in Session, Filtering and Sanitizing
  • Contextual Escaping, Validation, Forms 
  • Reading Configurations, Pagination
  • Improving Performance with Cache 
  • Security, Encryption/Decryption
  • Access Control Lists (ACL), Multi-lingual Support
  • Universal Class Loader, Logging
  • Annotations Parser, Command Line Applications 
  • Queueing, Database Abstraction Layer 
  • Internationalization, Database Migrations 
  • Debugging Applications, Phalcon Developer Tools 
  • Increasing Performance: What’s next?
  • Unit testing, API Indice, License

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